Salummy’s Ladies of the month

So my besties have been on my neck, ready to strangle me, this is what they have been saying, I quote, “Weeh Salma, izee nae, mbona hujatueka kwa blog yako?” Please kill me later, Sharpay (hehhee).

Today, the 24th of May, SK managed to wake up on the right side of her bed to get her three lazy asses to answer to some of the questions that youths mostly ask.

It was difficult to actually interview my own friends but I said, I am going to be Phaedra Parks for today (LOL, multi-affected by my every-time series ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta). Hellen would say, “You actually never watched anything else, duffer!”

Enough of my jokes, I go endless. Sometimes blonde and sometimes am Lilly Singh (oops, Nawal, you are not the only one in love with Lilly Singh here)

Wow, this sun is shining really bright and Oh man! This sun rays as they penetrate inside my room, I feel sun-kissed. I will be right back, let me take a selfie, I need to upload this, you know these rays never come twice and when the sun kisses you, it’s like forever. IG help!!!

20 minutes later,

After 100 pictures portrayed the ugly I and only one actually managed to be IGed. Its fine let me console myself, I look okay, like okay without make-up and I did not use any camera 360, so basically, I am still Pretty Pretty Wow.

So Nawal, after having fed her Twinkie Little Tiger (The cat that has been to snapchat even before myself), she managed to answer some of the questions that I posed to her.

A bit of introduction: Nawal a.k.a. Rock-star has been a rock in my life. A constant friend and the person I can basically say anything to. She has been extremely supportive, my clown, my eagle, oh my, everything. She loves cats and her dream is to run a nursery of cats one day. So, as I conclude, Please find the lie in the paragraph.

SK:              Rock-star, please describe yourself in 3 words.

Rock-star: I am Curious, Adventurous and Open-minded.


“Salma, please don’t proceed! These lessons will drive me crazy. I have been attending the classes and man! I have been building castles in the air also. You see like, I think, I will get married to a Turkish man someday. I didn’t manage to carry all my books, my hijab fell off while I was running of to see Mr. who… But never mind, it’s never that serious”


Introducing to you, my Baskin Robbins of all times. Fatma a.k.a Sharpay is an endless tale of drama and fiction. She is actually the Cinderella story, the beauty and the beast and the sleeping beauty too (when Sharpay would fall asleep, two other girls would too: Mina and Madina) I don’t know if that is Newton’s Law of Persuasion or not!

Basically, that is why the name also goes in really well with her. She is a blend of weirdness and vampireyness LOL…Sometimes Sharpay can tell you something and you go all laugh, but she is my bestie and she is amazing as she is. She is that girl that would cry for me and swim with me in my sea of tears( awwwwwwww)

SK:          Sharpay, describe yourself in 3 words.

Sharpay: I am Assertive, a Dreamer and Focused.


Mauritius baby, Mauritius. I can now take selfies near the ocean, above the roof, under the table, as I climb the trees. Wow, let the world see how fascinated I am. Let us crack pictures till the screen goes ‘crack’. “Abdallah, wait! What is a selfie without the queen?”

That lady that can come to your room at 2:00 a.m. just to get a flat-iron. Sleeping is not her thing and if she does then you have to check her pulse to confirm that she is still alive and breathing (hehe). She is a sing-bird, a cartoon, a powerful selfie artist (one in demand by photographers themselves), a go-getter, the most care-free person the earth has known and the lady that talks like a cassette.  When Hellen comes your way, run the other way round because problems will be sailing to you like waves.  she is Elena! ALU has been driving her nuts and I had to remember her responses as we discussed (really now!)


SK:      Describe yourself in 3 words.

Elena: I am hardworking, ambitious and crazy.


SK: Do you think that the youth of today are wise enough? I am not comparing the Robert Mugabe’s type of wisdom (hehe) but do you feel the youth are much wise? Are much innovative?

Rock-star: Yes, they are much wiser and innovative. Most of the youth I have encountered have goals that they wish to achieve and are going for what they want in life.

SK: In response to the same question, what is your view, Sharpay?

Sharpay: I believe that they are exposed to a wider spectrum of events hence getting wiser accordingly (I attribute to the experience they have). And though they have many things disrupting their concentration, they are capable of great inventions if they get a good coaching.


SK: Okay, on to the next query. I have heard that if you are past 20 and you are a Mombasarian, ‘You are old and you should get married’ what is your stand on this?

Sharpay:  Well, considering I am 22, which means I should be having 2 kids (hehe). But seriously, our society, hopefully (crosses her fragile fingers) is losing the reigns on young girls necks on this marriage issues. Believe me not, we are not yet that much liberal as to have that great career life and that great marriage life. I believe that we will get there, I see some light, it’s not yet clear but we are yet to get to the end of the tunnel.

Rock-Star:  Well, well, well. I have always kept asking people why should I get married now and the most common reply I get is no one will want you when you are older.

SK:  Nawal, you actually reminded me of something that I read somewhere (hehe). The picture of this lady with her master’s degree running for men now that she is 30 and hell, they are repelling her like she has some Ebola! Simply because she is educated.

Rock-Star: haha, Salma! Women are viewed as vegetables that are bound to go bad anytime. It is sad that the women themselves view themselves that way. Assuming you are 20 and you get married, have kids and then what? You’re still young and you are carrying parenting responsibilities on your shoulders. Women also feel like they should get married at a young age to please the society but I say that it is time to rebel. It’s my life; my rules. Life is about more than getting married and populating the world. Why not live for you? Do what makes you happy, learn a new language, and meet new people from different cultures and countries. By the end of the day, it’s your life and no one has the power of your happiness except yourself.


SK: Who is your icon 2016?

Sharpay: My icon is my younger brother who is trying his level best to achieve his dreams and I admire him so much for that.

Rock-Star: My icon is Lilly Singh a.k.a Superwoman. She is a YouTuber who makes inspirational and funny videos. I have learnt a lot from her and I hope to meet her one day and thank her personally.


SK: Do you believe in love after marriage or do you think love can be the other way round?

Rock-Star: I believe in both. It’s possible to be in love with each other before marriage and also after marriage although times have changed and getting married to a stranger is very risky. I’d advise you to get to know each other before hand.

Sharpay: Well, that’s a difficult question for someone like me who decides with their minds. Let me explain, for me love is a decision and to make that decision the odds must be to the favor of the person I decide to fall in love with, as they should fit the frame. Arranged marriage is a risk since if it turns out sour then alas pain and resentfulness, but if it is positive then it would be the sweetest thing ever. However, to be cautious, I’d prefer knowing the person quite well first.


SK: I recently got attached to coffee, I don’t know but I want to hear from you. Is coffee really so similar to a girl? Do you love coffee?

Sharpay: Coffee! Girl! I don’t see the connection (hehe).But there is a saying I like, “I like my man like I like my coffee, Hot, Strong and Silent.”

Rock-Star: I love coffee but not as much as I love tea. I don’t like comparing girls or boys to inanimate objects (lol).We are much more beautiful, deep and complex to be compared to coffeeJ.


SK: Please tell the world why you think I chose you to be the Salummy’s ladies of the month?

Rock-Star: Most of our friends always see the goofy side of me, but you are one of the few people whom I actually have deep conversations with. I think that is why you chose me.

Sharpay: Well, to be honest, I am honored to be featured in your blog and in anything you write because I love your writing. I can only hope you chose me for my honesty and that you see in me a pioneer of bringing positive change so needed in our society.


SK: Do you have any closing remarks? Anything to share to the world?

Rock-star: Simple. Your happiness is your responsibility.

Sharpay:  Just a shout out to all the young people out there! Believe in yourself and go for it no matter how improbable it may seem. There is nothing impossible and if it doesn’t give you the desired results, take the lessons and keep experimenting.


SK:  Thank you besties and wish you good luck in all your endeavors.

P.s* please wake Hellen up and tell her that the interview is over!!!





5 thoughts on “Salummy’s Ladies of the month

  1. Hahahhahahahah. Day made, I wont work again. I am going right home. And coffee is a girl who never tells a good boy No. hey, sharpay focus!!

    Rockstar, coffee is love, try explaining something that is higher than love? Nothing right! Then put a girl right in that sentence. Hehehehhe LOL. Day made. This post is dope!!!


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