I want to write a letter, a letter to my love, I don’t know how he may take it but why keep emotions unattended? (hehe).

Woii, these mosquitoes. I tell you… It can never get worse in Malindi. But anyway, this is home and home will forever be sweet. This endless phone calls, this WhatsApp messages from Elena and Sharpay. Damn it! Will this letter be done really?

Okay, let me get serious a little bit. I need to compose myself. This is a letter to my love, I need to get serious. I can’t mess… Hey, SK, chill, it is just a letter, you guys have not even gone for a date yet! Stop behaving like some idiot, little duffer!


I remember when I first saw you and it was like I had set my eyes on the most beautiful asset ever. Wait, I forgot to mention the sun, what is SK’s description without the sun? wacha tu nianze tena!!

I remember what S.I. Gray said in one of his quotes, “I have late night conversations with the moon, he tells me about the sun and I tell him about you”. Darling, this is now our beginning….

I was this plain Jane who knew nothing about love. I was withering, scattered and I had lost more meaning to my life. It was simply like just having the oxygen tank but still lose sense of what to do with it! I was in pieces; despaired, lost faith in relations for the past had not been a good race.

But funny enough, I was born for you. I have never expressed myself so deep, this deep, ocean deep. And they say that it is difficult to know when a writer falls in love, why, maybe it’s because we always express something to our readers. We leave them hanging, not really understanding what is what (lol, writers’ privilege)

I am not too good with letters; I am good though in creative fiction. I think this explains why I am having some pretty hard time trying to jot some good stuff and by the way, I apologize, I did not indicate ‘Dear’ and it’s not so much like a letter, excuse me for that.

But Honey, I appreciate you so much and you are so priceless to me. I may take forever to describe you but please forgive me for the pens that these blue-inked fingers of mine marked. Be with me in the rest of our tomorrow, I know it may be hard and they have already started saying that how could you go for a handicapped girl… But you know my soul and this disability is not in any case an inability.

I will still wash your clothes and tend to our kids. I will still take care of you like a normal woman…i will still keep drawing portraits of you for the world to see. You are still lurking in the shadows, I don’t see you frequent enough… maybe you are still insecure about me, but why do you tell me in those infinite nights that you are here to stay? I don’t want to doubt you; I know you are honest and true.

I pray that my wheelchair will be patient enough to take me on all the errands. I hope that my hands will not disappoint me that much; I hope to firmly attach myself to you such that when people see SK, they see you… I am now stuck between continuing to write this letter and going to take a bath, it becomes a nightmare, this bathing time…but if I don’t teach myself to be strong for my disability; I will never be able to promise you the life that I indicated above…

Good bye love, till we meet again in today’s dreams…

P.S* please come with the same carriage you came with yester night, and the same cowboy hat and the same suit, damn, you were too gorgeous for life…and when you come, let the night be long, I did not finish seeing my reflection on your eyes…Take care and come soon..

Yours yearning,









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