A guide to Moving Out


If you’re 20-something, just cleared college, got your first job and are thinking about moving out of your parent’s house. Pull a chair, move closer, listen keenly. This post is for you.

Last month, 28th May to be precise, I took that bold step.  I had just finished my final exams 2 weeks prior; had secured a job to start me off; had some pretty “decent” savings and some essential  stuff to begin life with. How hard could it be?  Well, ladies and gentlemen, I know you have heard this a million and one times before, but moving out is HARD and EXPENSIVE as hell.

It all seems easy as pie on paper when you’re planning it; the figures seem both workable and achievable. Then the moment you walk into that house and realize that literally everything you need for comfortable life requires money,  the stones come pelting down…

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