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If you can dream it, you can possibly achieve it!

The students got out of the classroom each elated to have finished that class. It was an arduous day! Having classes from 8:00 am to 5:00pm can be stressful especially if you still have a whole bunch of assignments to do, proposals, presentations and group works. The bell rung again and the students despondently rushed back in.

She stared blankly at the space. An airplane passed by and she shed a big smile, Virgin Atlantic. So funny how we weave dreams a times! We may just build castles and castles, go up to cloud nine, be Elsa, be Barbie and then, she was disrupted from her thoughts when the lecturer lobbed a chalk on her side and it hit her forehead, “Concentrate! You have very few days to exams! Is this what you will be doing in your Company someday?” And he goes on and on repeating how he became successful. (But he became that after 50 years; she was busy daydreaming on how she can make the same amount in just 5 years)


The lesson ended after 45 minutes and Guljan rushed to the door to have a word with the lecturer.

“Excuse me sir, I am sorry about the day dreaming today! It was not deliberate though! You know how much I adore this course “Airline Management” but I wanted to ask you, how much do I need to own my own Airline someday?”

“Guljan, you never cease to fascinate me! It is quite hard”

“But sir, last time it was all over the news. The South African lady that is now rolling in millions”

Mr. Kiror chuckled.

“Guljan, just do what you got to do. The sky is the limit”


She carried her school bag and headed to her room, deeply contemplating about her future, her dreams and her one and only mother. It is hard to grind but it is harder to watch youth your age sailing in the waves of success, achieving heights of distinction. She could not stop, no, that dream could never die. She needed to water her dream each day, this time never to let it dehydrate at any cost.


And she remembered what a friend had said, about how amazing she was. “The biggest mistake that you can ever do is remove jewels from your crown, you need to go for it, dream it and you will create ripples forever”

Guljan had an undying passion for the airplanes, something that made her wish more and more about owning that Virgin Atlantic by herself someday. It was not a must to have exactly the same, but enough recognition such that when people would remember Guljan, they would remember an airline company that breeds creativity and quality.



Water and air, what a wonderful creation of The Above! And whoever is blessed to work in any of these two sectors is actually at the right place. It’s a whole new place, a whole new level of fun and adventure. Who wouldn’t want to work in a cruise or even who wouldn’t want to work in such an environment where all you see each day is amazement?


Nimbus, cirrus, cumulus, stratus or we can say seiche, ripples or whatever wave or cloud that we know! Working with nature is the finest thing that anyone can do. The uniqueness of it all, the excitement, it is just another level. So when Guljan was speaking about the fascination of the airplanes, she had so much in mind.


And that day as she got home, she sat down and remembered that the next time she will get in class, her strategies would have changed completely. She had a new line of direction, a new faith, a new destination. It was what she managed to scribble in her To-do list that made her more enthusiastic about her next class. She was not going to day dream anymore; she was going to initiate action by:

  • Being real
  • Acknowledging that passion pays
  • Being persistent
  • Using social media platforms to discuss her passions
  • Making weekly resolutions and sticking to them
  • Analyzing her strengths and weaknesses
  • Establishing her own niche
  • Taking inspiration from the South African lady that made it big
  • Being a constant reader, a sponge, we all know how a sponge acts, right? It absorbs as much as it can
  • Researching out more about her passion each day
  • Using what she is to create a new her
  • Managing her time well and quitting the usual procrastination that human beings adapt to
  • Understanding that her future depends on God and how much she works to shape herself better


I know that most of us were expecting this to be a creative fictional story and to just have fictional characters, however, I tried to mix fiction and non-fiction to break monotony and the points above are ones that we can all use in our day to day lives to achieve our success.

We are all passionate about certain things, right? What have we done to achieve our passions or to be more precise, our dreams? Do we just keep on dreaming waiting for blessings to fall upon us like snowflakes? As human beings, we all have the ability to dream but the good dreams are those that are worked upon.


If you want to be Biko Zulu, start writing like him. If you want to be Thandiwe, start taking real pictures, till when will you be stuck to clouds and mountains? If you want to be Wangari Mathai, plant even a seed now, don’t wait for tomorrow and if you want to be Guljan, the airline is not a problem, it is only those that burn themselves out that actually get to see the fruits of their labor and if you want to get married still work hard to be a better wife!

Everything is workable! I remember when I was in High school, our IRE teacher would emphasize on us working hard to get As so that we become doctors, however right now when I sit back and remember that, I laugh to myself. Is it only doctors who can make brands? We are all our own brands!

Let me give you an example of a barber or a cobbler. When we see these people, normally, how the human mind works, we will be like, “what a stupid career” I know we may not say this out but how human beings behave, you see. But you have those 3 pairs of shoes only, if you didn’t have a cobbler who would mend your shoe? That is a brand, for me, that is! His identity, it is what he does differently! We can all not be doctors, and we can all not be business tycoons. We are interconnected! Just do what you can do best so long as you impart some transformation.

Okay, what if as a cobbler you come up with a different technique, maybe incorporate innovation so that you don’t have to stitch by your hand, like use an electronically controlled device! Won’t you be creating something new for the whole world to see and admire and at a point, everyone will even forget you are a cobbler, but they will be like, “wow, what good use of technology!”

Let us make a choice; the ball is still in our court! Do we want to be Bill Gates or will we still zoom in his pictures and admire that he is super rich and say that luck isn’t on our side? Take Action, That Airline is coming pretty soon and it will go international like some bad news! Spread out like wildfire and amaze even the extraordinary!

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8 thoughts on “If you can dream it, you can possibly achieve it!

  1. I really liked your writing being an a student taking aviation management am encouraged a lot .I will make a step to unlish my potential. Greatful


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