Salummy's Poems

In search of a “fake” love

She has made memories with both,

A whole bunch of memories.

Forbidden fruits taste sweetest, they had once proclaimed.

First guy, watching the sun rise and sun set on the hills,

Intimacy of course, the cuddles,

The affection, who forgets such?

To him, she was his wife.

The lady he loved unconditionally,

The lady he could burn himself for,

the lady,

Oh the lady that made all the dreams that he had a reality.

She had assured him of endless love to the unseen future,

His belief, he believed.

Second guy, was always there for her,

Weeping her every tear,

Hugging her with all the might,

Throughout the night.

When the moon watched in envy at this Cinderella story.

Coooking for her, offering her endless kisses,

Endless affection, note affection was from both,

She was his queen.

But who could know how she played her cards?

So unnoticeable, so unseen,

It felt great to be loved,

It has always been.

But when its more than one,

It hurts within.

But who is her real lover

When both fight for her?

And while she strived to smile,

Her conscious was killing her,

She was a Christian,

Born again,

She could never do such, not in her reality,

It could be a dream,

It might not be a dream.

But why, why her?

Why couldn’t she have both?

Or would she lose both?

This love, so pure yet so complicated,

This one was a search for “fake” love.










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