Salummy's Poems

For you, my love….


I want you to look into my eyes,

And read the signs by yourself.

I want you to run deep in my senses,

To see what I have for you.

It doesn’t have to be anything tangible,

Nor do I have to explain.

I want you to get the hint,

That I am here to stay.

Girl, you got me crazy,

With your amazing features.

And I take a look beyond that,

I see an amazing figure.

Now don’t say am perverted,

For that is not my aim.

My aim is to let the world know,

How much you made me insane.

Your intelligence sweeps me away,

And so does your endless tales.

Your talks I enjoy,

Even when you mock me, babe.

I cannot see a day without you,

I am unconsciously made.

And now when the morning dawns,

I see a reason to smile.


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