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20160604_170456Art is confusion to the normal and normal to the confused… Art cannot be embraced by someone that imagines lowly, art is love and love is complicated, art is madness, art is amazement, art is dollars, its drawing and collecting, and scribbling what can be interpreted in more than a million times, differently..

Art I say can never be understood. Art again is Richard Onyango, it’s in the blues and the greens, the hidden and the wilderness, the nudity and the weirdness, the ability to love and appreciate Joseph Murumbi, the ability to go deep down the lines, to see, to contemplate, to believe in what cannot be seen by normal eyes….Art is Magdalene Odundo…

I was at Point Zero near Nyayo house yesterday with a friend. What I saw was something that my eyes had yearned to see. A collection of art works by the one and only, Joseph…

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