Only God…..


They have hurt you again, right? These devils, these people that do not appreciate you, these creatures that are just meant for negativity. They will never learn and until they see you fall down, they will never halt!

I group these people in two categories:

  1. The judgmental – these ones will be out looking at your loopholes, pretending that they are so holy and that they are freed from sins. Who does that? You cannot go about judging people by the scriptures of their faith, or the scars they had from their past and fail to embrace people on the content of their heart.

So the judgmental are the angels on earth. Their main aim to speculate, inspect and criticize you for whatever that you are! The moment we learn to judge people, it’s the same moment that speaks that we have thought ourselves to be super and flawless.

And tell me about God. God is the best of judges but unfortunately, Miss. Judgmental you were not appointed for that work, so take a back seat and chill! It is high time that we realize that every person is different, just like our hands, just like how we all look, we different but we are still the same. Person X has a nose, right and person Y has the same, that is a similar feature but it’s still different, by all means!

We need to appreciate the fact that we are of different personalities, of different characteristics but still if we can find it in our heart to give people the benefit of the doubt, it doesn’t cost a penny, does it?

So you will hear them saying,” oh, she is so fake and she takes so much alcohol “, “Oh, he is a good-for-nothing guy”, come on, what do you do? And if you say that it’s a bigger sin than what you actually do, what have you done to change that person? Do you just go about pointing fingers? Point one, but four will point back!

If you know what it feels like to have your heart, your existence ripped from your chest and tossed far much aside, then man up and treat people better, and that is the only way to break that cycle. If you ask me what I think, I would tell you that we are all flowers in a very big garden, some of us still glow after intense drought, others will wither and others will try to find the direction of light.

But I am speaking on behalf of those that wither, they are those that are put down by people’s words and critics, they are the ones that are so warm and kind and angelic but still suffer with the evil, they are the ones that try to snuggle with the demons, cry behind closed doors, tears wiped off by the Lord. Fight back, rise higher and be confident about who they really are!


 Remember: you may wear angel wings that fail to dance no more, and your strength may not be supportive anymore, but when you sing out those crooked songs, the demons, they die listening…

  1. The Red- Buttons

They are the people that are out there to see you hurt, something like (One man’s pain is another man’s happiness). They are on the watch, when will SK triple, when will so and so go down the drain? I call them Red Buttons because they are the dangerous ones, the ones that you wish you could put your frail hands on and squeeze or make some really nice nyama-choma.

Funny enough, when you are the type that is so good to people and your heart is so pure and beautiful, nothing really affects you, Infact God sends in more torches to make you see the scorpions and the likes and when you are about to go crazy about all the evil around you, He shields you and comforts you like a baby in his cradle… Talk of a cat being cornered or reversion game going all strong (bye-bye hater!).

Do good, be good, it never goes unrewarded and as long as you have a few quality friends and people that are there ready to take you to your destination, cling to them. These are your well-wishers, you don’t need the world, you need the right soldiers and they had also said right that, too many cooks do spoil the broth…

To all the Red-buttons and judgmental, it’s high time you start working on your own grasses instead of focusing on other people’s drought… Whether dry or wet, that is not your problem; your work is to cultivate yours to ensure it’s always green…


Recollect, a star shall always shine, whether in constellation or by its own….





4 thoughts on “Only God…..

  1. This is deep.
    A lot of people forget themselves when faced with a fear, a challenge. And in that moment, a shade of flaw shows. That’s the most crucial time for one to breathe, and allow their self-control. It’s easy to judge and criticize and anticipate another person’s downfall. But it’s so much easier to not bother if it’s about a nemesis, or genuinely appreciate if it concerns a friend.
    Lovely article,S.


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