The world of coffee through the eyes of Lalbiby and Kev…


Take some sips!


Today, I am taking you to a journey of coffee. Before I knew Kev, coffee was a normal drink (haha) but this guy will teach you so much about coffee that you will go awe-stricken! To him, coffee is love, coffee is bae. The other person (I tried to establish some gender equality) is Lalbiby. Lalbiby is my small sister, a beloved and she happens to be the other coffee enthusiast!

Let us learn about coffee today, step by step, the facts that you will learn may make you lose the battle (I did too) and am now a coffee convert!

SK: What is coffee to you?

Kev: Coffee to me is love. And you cannot talk of love without putting in a girl somewhere. That is why my favorite quote is “coffee is a girl who never tells a boy no.” look at the instances when people meet for coffee; dates, meetings, friend’s outs, mum scolding out, make up dates, a boss trying to befriend the employee, to show off on Instagram with friends et al… this particular events have humanity embroidered all over. When two people meet, to talk and laugh while having coffee, this is love. You cannot possibly describe pure love than that. That is why cafes are built in such a way that, you can sit, listen to cool background music, comfy sitting or alluring décor specifically designed to make you hang around and no one will ask you to leave. Coffee is a lifestyle, it’s a culture, and it’s purely brewing love and drinking it in a cup.

Lalbiby:  Coffee is life. It is basically the reason why I wake up every morning! Here is the thing, am just not me when I wake up without that first sip in the morning! So yeah! Coffee is the love of my life. You see there are all these females at my age obsessing about the hottest guy in campus. All I ever obsess about is which coffee shop I have missed in town! So again… What is coffee to me? Its effin everything!

SK: Can you please tell the world about the varieties of coffee and which ones to be recommended when?

Kev: I would encourage everyone to try and brew coffee at home. Buy roasted beans, grind and brew. I do not do this myself since I have not bought the apparatuses yet, in retrospect I go for coffee outs a lot, my budget for coffee is probably the one that has broken and crashed my bank account. But, soon I will buy the apparatuses because the passion you put in making brewed cup of coffee, makes that coffee taste 10 times more awesome. A hug in a mug kinder thing you know.

Away from home brew, we have a few more recommendations.

  • Frappes- these ones have espresso, whipped cream, flavors and steamed milk, served cold. If you are on a date, and she has a sweet tooth, blow her mind with a frappe.


  • Cappuccino- this is my favorite drink. I can have it anytime of the day. You can do a single shot, double or triple. Triple makes your hair stand, you become something of a legend in smartness. You spew vibes like no one’s business. If you have a friends out and you guys need to be chatty and mad, cappuccino triple will take you to heaven and back without refueling.


  • House Brew / Hand drip – This is raw brewed coffee, without additions of milk or some other things, served exactly the way God created it, and served the way he wanted pure coffee to taste. Don’t put this weird sugars, just have it like a gentle lady or Man. One thing with brew, you get to taste the flavor in coffee; lemony, earthy and such like. It’s a drink for the coffee lovers. It can be brewed, using a coffee brewer or hand drip, this is a process, that takes you back to chemistry class.

IMG_20160502_122329_1Oooh and there is also (Dutch coffee) This one, is coffee prepared through a filtration process for 48 hours, the strongest coffee anywhere. I like it. But, it is sold in only one café, too bad.


  • Latte -This one is a favorite, when it comes to introducing someone to coffee the first time. Or, for people who do not love strong coffee. Latte is Italian for milk. Get the idea? Yes, this drink has a lot of steamed milk and a micro layer of froth. Because dudes can be weird at times, if you are a lady and you are treating a guy who has enough ego to not confess that he knows zilch about coffee, buy him a latte double shot.




  • Mocha- Can I hear a shout from the ladies? This is a coffee drink that has espresso, chocolate, steamed milk, froth, and sprinkled chocolate chips. I mean, need I explain who needs to take this? I can even suspect as to who between man and woman invented this drink.




  • Cremoka- This is my last drink. This one is special. It is served cold. It is made up of sugar, flavorings, fermented coffee, instant coffee, espresso, steamed milk and some other creamer I cannot remember. Because it cannot be found anywhere away from my favorite café, this is the drink I use to impress friends, ahem! I mean ladies. It is that awesome. (Damn! the secret to my vibes is out).


Lalbiby: In addition to what Kev said, well, he explained the categories really well, but I want to strike some extra emphasis on Espresso. – This is the strong coffee (Kahawa Chungu). It is basically served in small quantities but very strong! Does the job very well. Espresso is like that shot of strong tequila to me! Makes me forget the little problems I have! I recommend this on those atrocious days.


SK: Is coffee addictive?

Kev: Age old question. No! coffee is not addictive. People who think it’s addictive are jokers right? No, they are. I mean, is love addictive? Is culture addictive? Is a lifestyle addictive? Is living addictive? The way I see it, this is a lifestyle, if you take one cup per day, you are still trying to polish your lifestyle, if you do 3 to 4 cups, now that’s living. It means I can meet people all the time, for chats and laughs over my favorite drink. Isn’t coffee awesome, I mean, how hard can your heart be?

Lalbiby: 3. Urm… Absolutely! Not complaining though! There is a time my mama boycotted buying coffee jars at home. I went to the extent of buying small sachets daily and I was actually hiding them in my bag somewhere! Am I an addict? Hell yeah!

SK: How can you lure people to come for coffee instead of tea?

Kev: That’s easy, if they are drunkards, give them coffee with rum. If they love chocolate, aha, Mr. Barista add more chocolate chips on it. If they have sweet tooth’s. Make it rain Frappes and Espresso milk shakes. Coffee is designed to lure in any lost soul.

Let’s talk tea. Ha, tea leaves, water, add milk. Quench your thirst. Tea lovers use terms like Quench your thirst, really? We coffee lovers use terms like, can we go for a date? Can we catch up later at Java? Hey I miss you, mind a cuppa? Let’s talk about that project over coffee? …  Look, coffee lovers use love to describe coffee. Pure love. Who hates love??  Ha ha!!

Lalbiby: Which is the best helper at work? Tea helps you to relax in the evening… A hot cup of coffee relaxes too…If u want to study all night or finish up the work you have, Coffee is always the choice.

Coffee is strong, aromatic and invigorating! Tea is JUST a fantastic drink. lol. Nothing major.  Just a drink. I’d choose coffee over tea any day!

SK: What does each letter describe to you-?








SK: Lalbiby, do you have any closing remarks to your audience?

Lalbiby:  Coffee understands. Humans don’t. My one true companion <3.



9 thoughts on “The world of coffee through the eyes of Lalbiby and Kev…

  1. Thank you for praising coffee so much… I had to write down a few points… However,We all know coffee is addictive, call me a joker but coffee is not flawless. Tea is a weakling as compared to coffee yet most of our folks prefer taking it even on very hot afternoons.
    And you call that lifestyle? I don’t think so.
    Coffee is not a drug but it’s addictive.
    The illustrations are just brilliant 💡!

    Liked by 2 people

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