Just a cup of inspiration…


Once upon a time, I was a very naive girl. Not sugar coated, purely innocent and lovely. Unfortunately, some Tom’s, Dick’s and Harry’s are very good at taking advantage of people’s kindness. So, to give them that benefit of the doubt, I remained being the good girl that I was. Gosh, forgetting to remember that you are not everyone’s cup of tea.

This is exactly what we go through in life, right? Especially when God has lightened up your paths. Such souls never question what they are not doing better, they are just there to salivate on other people’s energy and instead of empowering people to be better, they end up trying to make this person fall on their faces.

One thing I have realized in life is that, when you do good, it comes back to you and when your heart is so pure, God always makes stuff work to your benefit. How do you do good?

The basis is empowering other people. Never underestimate this, it works magic. If somebody comes to you to seek assistance, please try to uplift. Don’t be the type that will just check on the advantages that this person X will get. Life is not a competition, we are all running different races and if this world viewed things in such a perspective, we would have been better individuals.

Plant flowers for people, even if they will wither. Be a spark. Lift others up even when you see no sunrise; I believe that there is always a ray of hope glimmering somewhere. There are packages of opportunities from “opportunity desk website”. Tell somebody about that, it won’t do you any harm. There are a lot of opportunities for people with different qualifications, we all see this stuff moving all around our social media platforms, however, some dirty minds will be like “If I forward this to so and so, she will succeed” What we do is leave that text that could have made someone a better being and we accrue no benefit at all.

I am not relating this to men, since I am a woman; I am directly speaking to all the women that will read this piece. We are powerful, we are filled with positive instincts, we have creativity that is unlimited, we are not Anna and Elsa, we are a species of success and empowerment. Let me make you know your value, let me bring out in you the ability to see people and wish them well, the ability to make people reach Broadway and let the spotlight be on them. When it’s their moment, smile with them, yours is coming soon.

Drama is something so foolish and it takes us back to step one. We are all grown-ass women, we have it in us to be the best, and we just have to click the right buttons. And when you see Joan Lydia or Cera Kieha winning her fashion awards, smile and say, “Wow, she is representing us pretty well”, if you see Suad Said making her dollars in Oriflame, say, “that is more like an inspiration to me” and when you see Marwa Mohammed, Ahlam or Habiba Malemba try to be a bigger version of themselves, you need to stand up and offer a standing ovation.

Not every lady is a baker, not every lady is a fashion blogger, not everyone is a doctor like Aisha Taib but what we have in common is we are all women and if one of us goes up, we have to ensure that that grace is real, that that ability deserves more than  an applause.

This is an extremely empirical article that I wrote today and I have solely dedicated it to all the women in my life. May success be your new identity and we shall all meet in the world of brilliance. Before I close, I want to express my sincere thanks to my very own, Lubna Abdulhalim, a nominee in this year’s BAKE Awards and an essential part of my life… Lubna keep empowering, you are a figure to be emulated….



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