Do sponsors make Pangako Sayo’s?!


Good morning, my people….

Does this title remind you of anything? And maybe can we all agree that Asians are the connoisseurs of Romance and Love? Let the curtains be opened, let the show begin…

I remember it was in somewhere around 2006 when the show “I promise” was the talk of the town or to make you more familiar (hehhe, I know some of us have watched so much that the title is a little bit hazy) but you cannot forget Ina and Angelo, can you?

You cannot forget the love between a maid and a rich prince and the so many twists and the love story was beyond comparison. I even had to bunk doing my homework a times to run to my grandmother’s house next door, to watch the turn of events. Missing a Philippine show was like missing water to drink. (Hehe no water, means no survival. Homework could be undone; the dog ate my books oops).

Now that was love, you see. It may have been a show, just to make money and how these producers work with emotions, I tell you. (I can relate because I was once Miss. Class 8, with all this grace, beauty and you know when you are a kid, your smile is usually a killer, awww)

Now, I don’t know why but I have been seriously in question marks since 11:59 pm yesternight. SK, write about this! It has been affecting you, right?! and today, my favorite ‘what if’ said, “ Every time you write, you get better at love, if put in a real painting, your work is art” I guess that was the energy I needed and I felt like Lucozade just like that!

Have we been hearing about Mzee.Sponsor? (hehe, this oldies that have spells on young girls?) I had to get off my dream lands of getting married to Angelo someday. I had to gaze at a certain girl who was wearing a skimpy skirt with a slit, eyes popped out of their sockets (I think intense usage of make-up should be banned.  Don’t some people ask Mirror-Mirror how they look like before they dash out of their houses?)

So she told me, “SK, as you struggle to get all your bills done, you will be a church mouse soon and look at me, My Mzee. Johnny is feeding me goodies. I sleep in silver, wake up in gold and I bath diamonds, baby. (wewe, kaa hapo ukiomba kwa mama).

I swallowed the bubble of surprise in my throat and said, Lord please fix this! It’s wonderful not really wonderful in the positive way but it’s wonderful, like Taj Mahal, you see that wonderful! I love my handbag, I love my shoes, but I won’t go out losing my dignity for a 1500-dollar Gucci hand-bag. I can survive with the little I have right now.

Okay, he has given you the hand-bag and the shoes and the latest falcon iPhone 6, what next? Did you know that AIDS is the visitor that comes uninvited? Pap, that shoe will now pay the hospital bills.

Another one was saying, they have it altogether. Companies, Fame, they are big papas. Can someone please remind such people that there is more to life than money? Money from someone old to be my father? Gosh, where are we heading to?

I want to remind my girlfriends about Angelo. He will come. Not really him, (don’t come to slit my tongue ) but that good guy, that one you see horse-riding in your dreams, that one that will love you like forever. But for that you need to be patient and not be too greedy for money. I will tell you, hand-bags will always be there, I learnt in my Economics class that ‘needs/wants are unlimited and even when we satisfy them, they will keep recurring’.

We should learn to keep these hairy creatures at bay; they have nothing else to do; so what they basically focus is squander their money on girls. Practical example: Mr. Africa who happens to be your dad is sleeping out with Mrs. Venezuela, your mum is still at home, having nowhere to go to, the best she can expect is kupigwa na kuuza mboga. How do you feel about Mrs. Venezuela?

This is homework for today; I guess if kept out in this way, it can be easily understood. Take Home: Howard Hughes, who was a jack of all trades, had lots of money but still led an extremely miserable life! Contemplate!



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