I can’t keep up anymore


It’s like I can’t keep up any more,

I can’t keep up with the ones around me,

I can’t keep up with the ones that always see me wrong,

I can’t keep up with the ones that bite then smile,

I can’t keep up with even raising my own self,

In this jungle full of snakes,

Ready to spread venom,

Why are the good always seen as bad?

And the bad showered with praises?

Why is it that trying much isn’t an answer anymore?

Why is it that pain never leaves the heart?

And crying has become an endless saga of life?

Why do the ones we love never love us back?

And the ones that admire us, we can never love?

Why is it that the people we do good to always turn their back on us?

Betray us, leave us in pieces,

And then when we go far from their existence,

They still tend to poke their noses,

On what? Our business again?

Still, I want to raise my head up high,

Like a princess,

Like a regal,

I want to let them know that even when they leave me alone,

Even when they take the back seats and start laughing at my loopholes,

The One Above, The Scriptwriter of every story,

Has promised never to let me fall down alone,

And if falling does occur,

The Magnificent, he has guaranteed

To raise me above all their misdeeds….






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