………the rain…


I remember when we first met,

You were dancing on the rains,

I took a glimpse of you,

And I was swept away,

I saw a spectacular cupcake in a world of muffins,

I saw a beauty face, a figure of endless affection.


You twirled and moved,

You were moved by the rains,

Little did I know that we were supposed to be connected,

Yes, connected by strings of destiny,

A soul-mate indeed,

Discovered at the most amazing of sights.



My soul was depleted before,

Torn apart, withering and dying from lack of passion,

Do ladies use innocent guys?

Enough of being a door mat,

My concentration was on you, the rain-lover,


As you swayed your body,

As you let the rain embrace your whole existence,

Who does that in this time and age?

You were really the one,

The number one, oh my,

The only one.


And right now as I remember all that,

I conclude,

I don’t want to be a punchline anymore,

For this joke we refer to as love.








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