This love, our love


Now please don’t give me that look,

What gives you the right to treat me like an outsider?

Just because you are pink doesn’t make you better than me,

Just because you have Gucci, doesn’t give you the mandate to walk on me,

I have seen of your types before,

But I don’t know what made me forget to put that into consideration.


My love was pure,

Even though I couldn’t offer you a bouquet,

A single rose was all I could afford,

But that rose, filled with my mother’s blessings,

Planted with endless love for you,

Blessed by Nkai.


The ‘queen’ of my heart,

But why, why did you give me hopes?

You could have let me know that I belong to the streets,

Not now, that you already have an empire that you have conquered,

Just inside this Samburu’s heart.


And what will I tell my family?

That my girl left me for a Mzungu?

Who had big cars and large mansions?

That my girl,

The one that I eyed all my life,

Left me in smithereens,

Lesorogo, Lesukat and Lkicheunye,

“Hehe”, that is what they will say

“We had told you, she is not from our group”


Simran, my love,

Have you forgotten the college days?

When they would bully you and I would stand by you?

Have you forgotten, my Cinderella,

How much we have gone to make your parents accept us?

It was all over the headlines,

The Samburu and the Indian.


Why, why did you ruin my dreams?

I had already foreseen twins that are half-caste,

Blended well in black and pink,

I had already borrowed a mkopo from James,

For a grand wedding for us,

So that people eat mbuzi and rejoice,

Just like any other one,

You have left me in shards,

Never to be fixed again…


Salma Abdulatif Yusuf.

Editor in chief, BMSA Magazine.






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