The Addiction



And the sea got me hooked like an addict,

Offering me pills that sooth and comfort,

Pills that leave me in fantasy and get me so deep,

This drug is letting me lose,

Making me build castles as large as the White House,

Let me drown in you forever,

For there is no cure to this addiction.


The Voyager

Now don’t leave me all alone,

How will all the dreams come through?

I take a look at this beautiful carving,

I see your face smiling back at me,

When will this voyage come to an end?


Haven’t you sailed enough, my love?

Are you no more a mad lover?

What is keeping you away?

Come back to your real home,

I shall tame you like before,

Shower you with love and affection,

The shores are also crying with me,

For they have witnessed our love,

I have become a piece of that infinite night,

I see you in my sleep as much as am alive,

Come rescue me,

Let the voyage come to an end.


Mmmh, She might be needing some prayers!

Her style is not fascinating,

Nor is her response,

I take a deep look at her,

Yes, she needs help,

But how?

Didn’t they not say that the corpse ears has no more cure?

All the grace is for nothing,

I just saw a bleeding heart that needed help,

Buried beneath,

What the others saw was a heart so mean and an arrogant soul,

What is her remedy and they did not bring her up well?

She could have been better if she was not a spoilt head.


The power of the unknown writer

Writers are people that imagine a lot and they always have the tendency to ask the question why,

Writers are people wired to themselves,

Have time to contemplate and time to relate,

Writers are the unknown celebrities,

Left in darkness,

They don’t have a Jamhuri Day or Makadara Day,

All they see is their pen,

They write and scribble all that they feel,

Unfortunate enough only a few will understand,

Why are they not honored like Jay-Z?

Or kept in front line like the Barbie S hop of Nicki Minaj?

I find it hard to understand man,

For if you have lost art,

You have lost touch of humane.


From Rags to Riches

One day they will notice you,

On that planet of success,

They will ask of you,

“Oh yah, kumbe she was a go-getter”,

They will dial your contacts,

And try to reach to you,

You will suddenly be essential to them,

You will be the answer to their woes,

They will create traffic on your social media,


They will forget that you were from the Ghetto sometime back,

That you sought of their help but they found it easy to deny,

They will forget how much you kissed their asses,

They will forget, really forget, how much you pleaded to be part of their lives,

However, you need to remember one thing,

Only those that saw your storm,

Should see your rainbow.


























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