A new name for my Mother


Still I yearn to find a name

A new name for my mother

A name that would give her more respect from her neighbors

A name that would give her dignity and purity

Struggle after struggle, pain after pain

Now that the British are gone, why is mother still having her old name?

She needs to move

Paces ahead

However, something still holds her back

Her capabilities will never be recognized

Because…she has not yet gotten a new identity

To lead her to prosperity

To give her a home to call home

And children to call children

Mother is still a developing country

Why? Why her?

Why has the likes of U.S.A defeated her once again?

Yet, something still tells me to cling to mama

Even when she clutches at the last straw

Love her, be with her,

She has constantly told me

“Worry not child, darkness shall surely give birth to the first break of dawn”

Mother gave birth to presidents and ‘leaders’

They failed; they did not kiss the noble sand of mother’s roots!

They brought in corruption and poverty

Poor management and misuse of power

She is still innocent

The sons brought about poor leadership, economic instability and unemployment

But the sons of my mother did not try their level best to give her a new name

Infact, they pushed her down

Forgot how much her dignity meant to her

Her eyes held craters just like the moon

Enough to make you write poetry in every crater she fell into

Her roots had soothing temperature and a great view

Not forgetting a whole pack of creatures that invite

Yes, invite, even the most prominent people around

To come take selfies and pictures that they take back to their lands

But mother, with all this blessings from Nyame or Juok or Otomankoma or even Nyasaye

Why is mother still crawling?

Will mother have a new name?

A new identity?

When will she possess angel wings that dance with her?

Is victory still oceans and oceans away from her?

I see a light, light at the end of tunnel

Light that I only see when I look at the youngest sons of mother

Yes, the youth!

They have seen unemployment, poverty, education and drugs

They have also seen industries, businesses, money and success

Why is the youth the beloved of mother?

The youth have hopes and visions

They have it in their minds the ability to give mother a new name

A name that she can honor forever

A name that suits her standards

They are not a ticking time bomb; they are the pride of mother!

However, mother needs to shape their success just like any other mother

Not with garlands or with kisses

But by programs that will help this sons secure jobs

By offering start-up finances for growing entrepreneurs

By promoting talent and innovation of her sons

Mother will get her identity through her own assistance in shaping this light!

Education has always made her neighbors defeat her

She needs to take care of her children’s’ education

Seek means to let all her sons go to school

Get empowered and be the faces of change.

The youth should be led to be leaders

And only mama’s elder sons can do so

The owners and teachers

Preachers and sisters

They can help the youth be leaders!

Poverty and hunger

A big catastrophe that always seems to hit mother’s Manyatta!

The youngest sons can cater for improvement in health care facilities

Water and sanitation, economic security and child participation

How will they manage?

The impossible can only be possible if they learn the ways of their land

If they train themselves to be leaders

If and only if, they really want to give mother a new name!

Mother has accepted the fact that the old sons could not do much for her

However, today, while I send you this message from her

She wants the elder sons to urge more investment in agriculture and tourism

Construction and businesses

Projects and activities that will favor the dearest sons of mother

By providing them with employment opportunities that will help them

Yes, help them create positive change for mother and us, the children.

60% of mother’s youngest sons are unemployed!

Mother yet has the largest number of the young generation

How will mother adjust to a new name?

The eldest sons need to stop whichever activities that hinder the growth of this household!

They need to realize that they are the eldest and they should lead the young by their actions!

The youngest sons have convinced me that even if mother is far from the sea’s view’

The night sky shall still carry them in it!

Today, as we await this new day that mother always craved for,

She remarks “I see a new name coming pretty soon”.















2 thoughts on “A new name for my Mother

  1. Ma shaa Allah…Allah akuzidishie kwa kipawa ulichonacho.Sjapenda kuwa mwandishi lakini unayoyaandika ni maajabu. Wala sjazoea kusoma makala lakini yako si makala tu….am out of words😘


    1. thank you alott, my fan! Nimewahi pata comments nyingi kuhusu kazi zangu but wallahy this is the best. May Allah protect you, whoever you are! Keep reading and please share out!

      Liked by 1 person

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