The BEST place to build you? The place you can secure as many networks as possible? Trust me IT IS CAMPUS!

Many people come to campus with the mentality that they are free birds and they can taste the waters of all kind, touch forbidden fruits and do things that would drive their parents wild in case they got information of the inside story.

Brethren, come four years from now and you will wish your stay here was quite memorable! I have seen people squander their money like it’s nobody’s business. I have seen people lose direction and focus. I have seen lost sheep. I have seen the ups and downs, the mountains and cliffs of people from different walks of life. I have seen presidents and Chief executive officers in the form of Comrades! I have seen it all, just in campus.

Immediately you join Campus, you should not change your goals. Each strategy should be as it should! I know we sometimes opt for enjoyment, well, that is life! However, nothing should trigger our intents! Remember, the dream is free but the success is sold separately!

Lectures can sometimes be mind-numbing! Well, there are various places to go to after a dreary day in class. The school comprises of associations and organizations that aim to improve our capabilities and skills. Each organization focuses on a certain key element that one may want to adopt. Politician? M.U.S.O is your answer! Writer? The Third eye assists you to better your writing abilities. A community-devotee? Enactus salutes you! The benefits are unlimited, satisfactory and yield positive returns in the long run.

Follow the right people and they will surely take you places! Build your career path from now! Do not say, I will get a job because I have a degree. Trust me; everyone has a gradation in this day and age. It is that dissimilar thing that you have that matters! I remember something that James Shikwati, Enactus Country Director in Kenya said” A or a first class honors is not the strategy, the corporate needs productivity”

Where do you learn these skills? Where are you connected to networks and successful alumni? I would want to urge everyone to be a leader and to get out of their comfort zones. Opportunities are intense, why then do people complain of unemployment? It is because we do not create networks at the right time! A year is never enough, Networks are like a foundation and they begin from somewhere. It takes time to qualify but once you are out in the hustle, in the world of connoisseurs and mavens, you will realize your journey is now an icing on the cake. With an outstanding Curriculum Vitae and ingrained skills and expertise, everyone is surefire to take you in. Now you will understand that your network really determines your net worth!



There are many volunteer activities that we can engage on. There are many internship opportunities and competitions that we can participate just by a click of a button. Use technology to pilot change in your life. The payments may sometimes be below your expectations but believe me “it is never a bed of roses, even the richest of people started somewhere”





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